The #1 Macro Counting Solution For Women
Are you ready to achieve your goals without sacrificing the food you love forever?
Hi beautiful human,

I'm Julie, an online coach who took control of my diet through macro counting, and I want to teach you how I achieved and kept my dream body for years without yo-yoing from plan to plan.

If you are looking to lose weight by lowering your body fat percentage while building some muscle by toning up, but you're tired of trying new plans because you keep falling off the bandwagon... you're in the right place!

I'm going to show you how to lose weight:

• without starving yourself...
• without giving up the foods you love...
• without following an "approved list" of foods...
• and, without skipping out on your social life!

It may sound too good to be true, but it's not!

Let me explain. I was literally in your footsteps a few years ago. I totally understand what you're feeling right now.. and I have to warn you – I am about to get very real with you!
It only takes a few minutes to read A COUPLE FAT LOSS SECRETS I've learned after achieving and keeping my dream body!

I didn't always restrict food trying to get skinny...

from my jeans fitting too tightly to falling off my strict plan and all-out binging every weekend on anything I could get my hands on (like, literally couldn't stop eating after trying a cheat meal)...

to spending hours on Pinterest every day trying to find a new diet... 

Maybe all of that had something to do with why I used to look like this:

• Wishing I could look more like that "fitness coach" I saw on Instagram...
• Trying a new diet and/or meal plan every few weeks...
• Avoiding a social life with family and friends because it revolved around food...
• Having zero confidence in a bathing suit...
• Feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired...
• Hating what I saw in the morning every morning...

Have you ever felt any of those feelings before?

Let me ask you another question...


This can't be the first time you've tried losing weight or learning how to feel comfortable in your own skin, right?

In fact, if you were like me when I was searching for an answer – and coming across dozens of "diets" or "fat-burning supplements" while scrolling through social media.

When is it really your turn to finally achieve your dream body without starving yourself?!

I say this today, right now, because it's your turn.


You're probably thinking... "I've seen all of the weight-loss programs and coaches talking about how wonderful their programs are, yet they all look the same!"

You're probably also thinking... "What makes this an exception to that?"


Most programs are created by coaches who give cookie-cutter meal plans to their clients...

THIS IS DIFFERENT BECAUSE I was able to lose fat and build muscle without relying on a diet or meal plan and actually enjoy all of my favorite foods.

and along the way, I discovered A COUPLE SECRETS to losing fat and keeping it off for good without having to diet! But before I share these secrets with you, let me teach you why it makes sense. And yes, those pictures are my real, personal transformation. I've been maintaining my dream body since 2014!

Through my journey of finding a maintainable lifestyle to shortly after winning my WBFF Bikini Pro card without ever having to diet to maintaining my dream body for the last 5 years...

Not to mention helping over 10,456+ women achieve their goals! There is no one else that cares about you and your success more than me. I have been where you are... and just so you don't think I'm just some random girl from the interwebs, let me introduce myself. =)
My full name is Julie Anne Ledbetter, and I grew up 8,465 above sea level in a *very* small town called Woodland Park, Colorado. Just 5 short years ago, I was just like you in one way or another and sister. Trust me, you're not alone!

I remember when I wanted to:

• love my body...
• feel confident and sexy in my jeans...
• eat my favorite foods without feeling guilty...
• spend time with my family and friends, stress-free...

But it all seemed impossible on my own because I had no idea where to start. I knew I needed to learn how to eat, but I didn't know which was right or wrong, good or bad – it was all so confusing.


• Can I eat this or that?
• How much should I eat?
• When should I or shouldn't I eat?
• Is this food good or bad?
• Will that food make me get fat?
• Can I ever eat my favorite foods or are they off-limits forever?


So, if you're anything like I was when I started, I was so confused when it comes to the "nutrition" part of a healthy lifestyle. Stick with me here... and I'll help you get through the things I've been through.
It's time to reveal the first secret.
We've been lied to by "coaches" for years. They told you that you need to:

• limit carbs,
• eat less than 1,300 calories per day,
• eat only from a list of "approved" foods,
• stop eating after dark if you want to lose weight.

All of these things are not true!

It's not about counting calories; it's about eating what your body needs to function optimally.

It's not about starving your body; it's about understanding what each macronutrient does to fuel your body.

We need to learn how to eat any food in moderation, not deprivation.
You've also been told you need to give up your favorite foods to lose weight...

What the heck?! I can't give up my two favorites: pizza and ice cream! I don't know about you, but if I can't go out to my favorite pizza joint and grab a pint of ice cream afterwards... then I don't want to be "healthy"!

Guess what... that means you don't have to give them up either! 

The truth is you can eat whatever foods you want in moderation. That's the key! Take a minute to think about it like this. It's like managing your food like a financial budget. It means you can still reach your goals by eating your favorite foods!


You've been told that carbs are the enemy and they make you fat.

You've heard this one before, right?! I remember when I decided to go on a zero-carb diet (yes, zero!). A week later, I was sitting in my class and my professor asked us to take a piece of paper out to write some notes down. I couldn't even remember where my backpack was (it was right beside me!). I couldn't even function like a normal human!

The truth is there is no "good" or "bad" carb, nor do they make you fat. In fact, there is no single food that will make you fat! Yes, you heard that right – there is no specific food that will directly make you fat. It is overconsumption (eating more than your body needs) that will cause you to gain weight. You could "eat clean" all you want, but if you're eating too much, the kale, almond butter, and coconut oil will still make you gain weight.

Thus, when you know how much your body needs to function optimally, you can still eat your favorite foods in moderation and lose weight! Finally, you do not have to kiss your carbs goodbye in order to lose weight  – yay!
Okay, let me reveal SECRET #2.
Let me explain. You've been given a timeline in which you should see results. For example, you should be losing 15 pounds in 8 weeks or be at "x" amount of weight in just 12 weeks. Truth be told, the goal has to be a lifestyle change because your life is different from someone else's! Your body is unique, and you cannot look at another woman who lost 15 pounds in 8 weeks and say, "Well, I've only lost 4 pounds in my first month, so it must mean I'm doing something wrong!"

This is one of the top reasons why so many women quit. We all compare our results to someone else's! Maybe she doesn't have a husband or kids, or doesn't work full time, etc. What I can tell you is that her body is different because all of our bodies vary at different levels.


There is no "perfect" timeline for getting results! Why? Well, the scale cannot tell the difference between fat and muscle (or water or organs). What does this mean? The density of the muscle you've been building from your workouts (even if you are slimming down) is not considered.

This means you might be experiencing these:

• Losing inches off your waist, hips, and thighs...
• Pants falling off...
• Becoming more strong and fit...
• Losing fat...

... but the scale still says you've gained weight?!

If you decide to go by the scale, you will forever sabotage your results – no matter what.
Let me show you something – here's two pictures of me, side-by-side at the same weight!
Imagine this – what would have happened to me if I had let the weight scale control me, causing me to quit? Mind-blown!

Hundreds of online brands, including informercials, try to sell you useless programs with false promises stating you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days. These are the kind of people who are trying to sell you results they cannot deliver!

This is why I do what I do – to spread the truth. It's my mission to change your (and every other woman's) life for the better (hence the acronym I gave my last name: Live Every Day Better). I was in your shoes and fell for many false promises.

Do not let the number or other individual's results hold you back from getting the body of your dreams – because you deserve it. I am not here to sugar coat or tell you what you need to hear. I want to help you lose the fat and keep it off for good this time!

I may bring the best information, strategies, and breakthroughs to you; but you need to have the will to take action! You can't just sit around with this information... you must take action on it!
It is possible to eat the foods you love in moderation AND lose weight by lowering your body fat percentage while building muscle to tone up through counting macros without sacrificing your happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.
The weight scale is a liar and has been setting you up to fail since day one because it isn't the most efficient way to monitor your progress, and you can't compare your results with anyone else!
You've heard two secrets that have (until now) has been holding you back from getting the body of your dreams and keeping the weight off for good. I have one more thing you definitely need to know about. The struggles you've been facing in your life are not your fault – you simply didn't know the truth.

But now, armed with the knowledge you've gained from these secrets, it's your responsibility to do something about it and take back control of your health. Now, how are you going to do that?

I'll leave you with 2 options:

Option #1: You do nothing...

You can say, "Wow, thank you so much for all of the info, Julie!" and let it go into the trash can and go on with the rest of your day as if nothing has happened. But if you do nothing, then nothing will change... right? Doesn't it sound insane to you? Doing the same thing over and over again – wishing for a different outcome.

Think about what the future would look like for you:

• Getting mad at yourself every time you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror because you're not comfortable and confident with yourself?

• Playing never-ending mind games with yourself, eating because you're bored, stressed, and/or upset and then restarting the vicious cycle all over again?

• Losing and re-gaining the same amount of weight over and over again without making any real and lasting promise?

• Feeling anxious about the foods you're trying to eat in public or in front of your family and friends because they can't take "no" for an answer?

If you agree with all of the above, this is definitely not the future you want. If you truly want to change your lifestyle by upgrading your body, health and life – then you must be willing to do something different.

Sure, you can take what I've shown you and do it on your own. But isn't that what you've been trying already? Let me share something with you – the biggest obstacle to losing weight is not the lack of knowledge, it's the lack of having the help you need to apply that knowledge.
You're here for a reason. Maybe because you're ready to get help in applying the knowledge and sticking to the plan that is both realistic and sustainable, which brings me to...
Option #2: Get your macros calculated by us to lose weight and keep it off for good.

If these secrets got you excited but you may be a bit overwhelmed on how to do it, I'm going to simplify this process for you so you can focus on what you're best at – taking action! I have an awesome offer to share with you because you've gotten this far – and if you're okay with that, stick with me.

No more programs from people who haven't counted macros, lost weight, and kept their weight off for good. It's time for you to receive a real, experience-based, proven system. A blueprint with a step-by-step playbook you can use to follow through and achieve your goals!

Please allow me to introduce Macro Counting Made Simple.
The #1 Macro Counting Solution For Women
This program will teach you how to:
  •  Understand what macros are and how they optimally fuel your body,
  •  Calculate and customize your macros,
  •  Create a body fat loss or reverse diet plan,
  •  Eliminate food restrictions by learning how to eat the foods you love,
  •  Overcome fear foods with confidence,
  •  Understand how nutrition labels help you make decisions faster,
  •  Track and adjust your macros as you progress to keep seeing results,
  •  Dine out and stay on track, not sacrificing your social life – especially alcoholic drinks!
I want to help you say YES instead – YES to food freedom, YES to dream body, YES to confidence, and YES to getting results in the most happy, healthy and sustainable way!

This e-bundle is different, designed to help you navigate the confusing world of nutrition with macro counting by giving you a roadmap. No more sifting through online calculators hoping you enter the numbers correctly. I give you all the answers upfront so you don't have to waste time figuring out how to get your dream body.

This tried-and-true method is the result of over 10 years of combined experience (with my husband, Joshua) with proven results! If you don't believe me, our approach has transformed thousands of REAL people with REAL stories just like you!
Real Stories + Real People = Real Transformations
People just like you have achieved their goals with macro counting.
People just like you have achieved their goals with macro counting.


• Learn how to fuel your body to function at its optimum?
• Stop putting in countless hours of work without seeing results?
• Burn body fat and tone up your dream body?
• Quit letting diets control your life?
• Start looking in the mirror and see a new sexy, confident woman in you?

If you said yes to any (or all!!) of the above, this program is for you!
Value: $49
This is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about calculating, tracking, and adjusting macros. It includes the following topics: why diets fail; differences between body fat loss, reverse diet, maintenance, and muscle gain phases; when to change phases; monitoring your progress; how to calorie cycle; and much more!
Value: $99
This 9-page customized PDF includes a step-by-step calculation of your progressive macros, fiber, and water intake for the next 8-12 weeks. This is delivered to your email inbox after completing your questionnaire form. Let us calculate the macros for you, so you can get a head start in your journey!
Value: $297
Gain instant access to over 6 video training modules with Julie as she teaches you how to set yourself up for success, tips and tricks for effective meal planning and prepping, navigating through social settings and implement macro strategies to guarantee results!

BONUS: Interactive worksheets include The Ultimate Grocery List, Meal Planner Template, how to track alcoholic beverages and much more!
Value: Priceless
MCMS Community Group On Facebook
Get connected – gain exclusive 24/7 access to a community group of other like-minded individuals on their macro counting journey for inspiration, support and accountability! Studies have shown that your results increase by over 47% when you're surrounded by others who have similar goals to yours, so what are you waiting for?
Value: $10
BONUS #1: Progress Tracker Template
Help you track your results on a weekly basis. This is the exact same template I use to hold myself accountable on a weekly basis to track and monitor my progress!
Value: $15
BONUS #2: The Ultimate Macro-Friendly Fast Food Master List
We're taking the guesswork out of it for you to eat-out and stay on track! We've picked our top macro-friendly options (including some for vegans and vegetarians) for large fast food chains!
This program is normally $97
Today For Only $77!
You Save $20 Off!
Why Macro Counting?
Most people fall off because they feel too restricted. With macro counting, you can make room for ice cream, a cheese burger, or few squares of chocolate and still reach your dream body!
Trying to stay on a strict diet while having a social life is difficult. Macro counting makes it easy – all you need to do is track what you eat while you're out. We show you how to plan ahead and find nutritional information from any restaurant!
Most diets take hours prepping meals. With macro counting, no food is off-limit, meaning you'll have more flexibility in what you can eat. This enables you to fill your kitchen with a wide variety of nutritious foods with favorite treats!
What's Included:
  •  E-Book: This is the ultimate guide to everything you need to know about calculating, tracking, and adjusting macros. It includes the following topics: why diets fail; differences between body fat loss, reverse diet, maintenance, and muscle gain phases; when to change phases; monitoring your progress; how to calorie cycle; and much more!
  •  Personalized Macro Calculations: This 9-page customized PDF includes a step-by-step calculation of your progressive macros, fiber, and water intake for the next 8-12 weeks. This is delivered to your email inbox after completing your questionnaire form. Let us calculate the macros for you, so you can get a head start in your journey!
  •  Macro Counting Made Simple Online Academy: Gain instant access to over 6 video training modules with Julie as she teaches you how to set yourself up for success, tips and tricks for effective meal planning and prepping, navigating through social settings, and how to implement macro strategies to guarantee results! BONUS: Interactive worksheets including; The Ultimate Grocery List, Meal Planner Template, How To Track Alcoholic Beverages and much more! 
  •  MCMS Private Community Facebook Group: Get connected – gain exclusive 24/7 access to a community group of other like-minded individuals on their macro counting journey for inspiration, support and accountability! 
  •  Bonus #1: Progress Tracker Template: This 15+ page progress tracker will help you track your results on a weekly basis! This is the exact template I use to hold myself accountable on a weekly basis to track and monitor my progress! 
  •  Bonus #2: The Ultimate Macro-Friendly Fast Food Master List: We're taking the guesswork out of your next meal out! We've picked our top macro-friendly options (including vegans and vegetarians) for the largest fast food chains! 

Guys, I'm so happy with this program! Thank you Julie & Joshua Ledbetter! I'm absolutely such a newbie with this, but this might be the only program I've started that I haven't wanted to quit three days later. I'm now 13 days in, and while I'm still learning how to hit my macros, I do not feel bad about taking baby steps at all. I'm not beating myself up about last minute social celebrations and untracked meals. I'm able to give myself grace and just try to focus on giving my body the most nutrition I can, without sacrificing how I live my life. I haven't even started working out again, and I've already lost 5 pounds. I feel free to not worry about my "diet" and focus on what matters! Thank you guys for making such a wonderful program so accessible, affordable, and non-intimidating!

Rachel A.

Not only am I thrilled with my results... but I am grateful for the new community of people I have found through Ledbetter... I highly recommend this program, you will not regret it. :)

Shannon M.

If you are contemplating whether or not to purchase the program, DO IT! Joshua and Julie are genuine people who are truly interested in our health for the LONG term... for life.

Emily R.
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Macro counting educates you about the nutritional content of your favorite meals. Use it as a tool to get results whenever you need and gain knowledge in the process!
Macro counting positively affects your performance in and out of the gym by helping you break through plateaus and gain new personal records! It also helps you have more energy throughout the day from proper carb intake! 
Science and many success stories have shown that counting macros work. When done right, you can get the body of your dreams. All it takes is small guidance we provide so you know exactly what to do, when and how much to eat.
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Is it hard to count macros?
Counting macros may be intimidating at first, but it'll get easier with practice. The more you become familiar with portion sizes and the macro composition of your favorite foods, the better you'll get at macro counting!
Can I really do this without a coach?
Absolutely! Not everyone is able to afford a coach right off the bat, but this is why we encourage you to get your feet wet with macro counting by purchasing this program. It has been developed with years of experience with the same information and methods we use to teach our one-on-one clients (which costs hundreds of dollars per month) because we value you. We wanted to create a program that provides the best education possible with tools you can use at an affordable price.
Do I Need To Have a Food Scale?
Yes, we recommend that you have a food scale when you start your macro counting journey as it is the most effective and efficient way to accurately track the macros in your food. Any digital food scale will work for this program! 
When I count macros, can I still eat what I want?
Yes! Flexibility is the key to success! As long as the foods you eat fit within your allotted daily goals for grams of protein, carbs, and fat – you are in control of what you eat. While we encourage you to eat the foods you love in moderation, we also emphasize the importance of eating food from nutrient-dense sources to help you get vitamins and minerals your body needs to function at its best daily.
What about traveling – am I able to count macros?
Yes, you can – in the "Macro Counting Made Simple" E-Book, it teaches you not only how to count macros, but to incorporate some of our favorite strategies (including intermittent fasting (IF), finding similar meals from other restaurants and/or hand portion control guide) to ensure you're set up for success no matter where you're at in your journey!
Will it work for me if I don't lift weights?
Yes! Your personalized macro calculation considers your activity level, so whether you're a seasoned athlete or do not currently have a workout regimen – you can count macros right where you're at. This also means if you prefer another form of activity other than weightlifting (e.g. yoga, pilates, running, etc.) – you can still count macros!
Can I count macros if I'm a vegan/vegetarian or have a food allergy? 
Yes, you can! The beautiful thing about macro counting is that it is not only customized to your body, but to your eating preferences, too! Whether you're a vegan, vegetarian, or paleo – your protein, carbs and fat allotment will be adjusted to fit your eating preferences.
What if it doesn't work for me?
If you learn by putting to practice, it will work. Macro counting itself works 100% of the time you apply it! All foods are composed of macronutrients, so whether you choose to actively track them or not, you are, in effect, always eating macros. However, many people give up too soon before they see their results because they are impatient with their progress. Change takes time, and more importantly, consistency. It takes an average of 4 weeks to feel a positive change, 8 weeks for others to notice your progress, and 12 weeks to see a substantial transformation with your body. 

And you want to know the best part? No more silly rules like "no carbs after dark," a list of foods you're allowed to eat, or forcing you to eat the same boring meals like chicken, rice, and broccoli. We'll help you kick these diet fads to the curb while building a happy, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle for the rest of your life!
Do You Offer Refunds?
Due to the immediate access and customized approach to the program and all of its materials and bonuses, we do not offer refunds for The Macro Counting Made Online Academy. Please do not purchase The Macro Counting Made Simple if you just want to "check it out." We put an extraordinary amount of time and effort into this program, and we expect you to do the same. Macro Counting Made Simple is for serious members only.  
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